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Reduce the complexities of cloud and SaaS migration through immersive simulations, expert-led sessions, and collaborative problem-solving


Crafted specifically for cloud Transitions

Mastery Workshops

CyAxios Presents the SaaS Migration Mastery Workshop


Reduce Time-and-Cost-To-Insight

Designed to maximize ROI, the workshop offers a streamlined approach to understanding and executing a migration to SaaS. Top pros offer top system insights.


Decision Making

Participate in interactive sessions mimicking real-world OMS, Front Office and SaaS migration scenarios. By being prepared, you’ll make better decisions when it’s important


Build Confidence In Your Team

Build confidence in your approach and decisions and know that you’ve optimized the platform capabilities effectively and are ready for whatever may come your way.

What is the Mastery Workshop?

Tabletop Exercises

Our workshops utilize customized tabletop scenarios to simulate the specific challenges clients may encounter during SaaS migration. This hands-on approach helps participants develop practical problem-solving and strategic planning skills in a risk-free environment. By practicing these skills during the workshop, participants are better equipped to handle real-world migration projects effectively.


Developed For Your Front Office Scenarios

Our experts provide insights into adding value to operations by optimizing processes and leveraging new technologies. We also address specific client questions, offering tailored advice and actionable steps to enhance operational efficiency.

Purpose Built Scenarios

We understand that each organization faces unique challenges. Our workshops are designed to reflect the specific operational contexts of our clients, providing relevant and practical solutions. This customization ensures that participants can directly apply what they learn to their own operational environments, leading to more effective and lasting improvements.

Fast and Effective

Designed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional consultations, these workshops can happen at any point during the lifecycle: Pre-Sales, During implementation or upgrades, and even during production as part of planning

About Us


At CyAxios, our mission is to empower organizations with deep insights into operational changes, helping them navigate and optimize their strategic and operational capabilities. Our vision is to be the leading provider of transformative operational insights, enabling clients to make informed decisions and achieve lasting improvements. We value innovation, expertise, and client-focused solutions.

Gil Salu, a cornerstone of our expertise, brings over 15 years of experience as a senior architect at Charles River Development (CRD). While at CRD, Gil played a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape and driving innovation. Currently, Gil is a professor at the New College of Florida, where he is dedicated to exploring new and innovative ways to help people use technology more effectively. His academic pursuits and industry experience make him a vital asset to CyAxios, ensuring our workshops are grounded in practical experience and cutting-edge research.


Our team is composed of industry experts and thought leaders dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise. Our specialists have decades of combined experience and are well-equipped to tackle the most complex operational challenges.

Unlike traditional consultancies that charge by the hour and often lead to unpredictable costs, CyAxios offers fixed-price workshops that provide predictable financial planning for clients while ensuring comprehensive coverage of operational complexities. Our workshops are enhanced by the expertise of top-tier specialists and the use of proprietary methodologies tailored to our clients' unique needs.


Our scenarios are developed by some of the top product specialists in the field, boasting over 100 years of combined experience. This wealth of knowledge and expertise allows us to create highly effective and relevant scenarios that address the unique challenges faced by our clients.

Research and Insights

Welcome to our Research and Insights content, where we delve into the methodologies, theories, and practices that underpin our workshops and services. A foundation of research and practical application drives our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our products are based on research conducted by our founder, Gil Salu, as part of his time as a Visiting Professor in Computer Science.

Gamification of Process Review and New Product Onboarding

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizational readiness and capability are paramount for maintaining a competitive edge. Traditional methods of preparing employees and validating their understanding of complex processes often fall short in engaging and equipping them with the necessary skills. This paper explores the concept of gamification as a transformative approach to enhancing organizational readiness. By incorporating game-design elements, gamification not only improves engagement but also ensures that employees are well-prepared, confident in their understanding, and equipped with the tools and skills needed for success. We also examine the specific application of these principles in Cyaxios’s SaaS Mastery Workshop, highlighting how it addresses the complexities of SaaS migrations and operational challenges.


Our workshops have been developed to create a more interactive and enjoyable experience for preparing for major operational changes. This approach leverages the natural human affinity for games to boost engagement, motivation, and employee participation.

What is Gamification?
Gamification applies game mechanics and structure to non-game contexts, including preparing for future projects or complex tasks. This methodology, which has been used in many other fields, aims to make discovery experiences engaging and effective by tapping into the intrinsic motivation associated with gameplay.

The Cyaxios SaaS Mastery Workshop has been built on the foundations of gamification. We have developed these exercises from specific events during the various phases of operating complex systems and working as an extended team. Each workshop takes the participants through immersive, interactive scenarios designed to simulate real-world challenges they may encounter during SaaS migrations and operational processes.Development of Exercises
Each exercise in the workshop is based on actual events and challenges organizations face during their transition to SaaS platforms. By replicating these scenarios in a controlled, gamified environment, participants can practice decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning without the risk of real-world consequences.

Pre-Workshop Phase: This phase is a testament to our commitment to your success. We engage in initial consultations to deeply understand your needs, setup requirements, and pre-workshop planning. These sessions are designed to tailor the workshop content and simulations to your specific challenges, making you feel valued and understood.

Workshop Sessions: Over two days, participants engage in highly interactive sessions that feature expert-led courses and immersive simulations. These sessions are designed to be strategic and focus heavily on the application and integration of knowledge.

Post-Workshop Analysis: Our commitment to your continuous improvement extends beyond the workshop. We provide a detailed assessment of potential risks and opportunities for enhancement. This may eventually include deploying a custom Cy-GyD AI, consolidating all results into an easy-to-use repository of processes and documentation, and ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


SaaS Mastery Workshop: Leveraging Expertise in the Front Office and SaaSSpecific Knowledge of OMS and SaaS technologies:
At Cyaxios, we understand the complexities of transitioning to SaaS platforms. Our SaaS Mastery Workshop addresses these challenges through a gamified and immersive approach, leveraging our team’s extensive experience in OMS and SaaS technologies.
Current Client Engagements:
We are currently working with several clients to streamline their SaaS migration processes. Customized tabletop exercises simulate specific challenges related to SaaS migrations, enabling participants to develop practical problem-solving and strategic planning skills. This hands-on approach prepares them for real-world scenarios and reduces migration risks and operational disruptions.

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